Things to Look Forward to in Spring

I’m not gonna lie, for the most of January and February, I’ve been ‘slumped’ by the wind and rain and the existential dread of the self-employed. I’m happy to be gradually stepping out of it. This weekend, it felt like spring is here, heck, we even took off our jackets for the first time! I met up with Klaudia Wojdala, a hair stylist and makeup artist rolled into one and we played with some looks on me. Today I’m shifting my focus onto things that have me excited for the coming Spring months.

Morning Dips in the Sea

I love watching the Happy Pear’s insta stories of how they go swimming at sunrise each morning! Now, I’m unfortunately aware that Galway doesn’t have as nice of a weather climate as they do in Dublin, but I’m determined to give it a go over here! Once it gets a little warmer, I’m heading out there. Meanwhile, I’ll be practising with cold morning showers. Does anybody know of any cool groups that go swimming in Salthill already?


Gosh, there’s so much on my list of places in Ireland I want to visit! The first on my list is either the Cuilcagh Mountain Trail in Cavan or Ballycroy National Park in Mayo. I also want to venture back to Wicklow Mountains, I haven’t been in years!

Iced Coffees

I love a good iced coffee even in winter, but it hits the spot better when the sun is out! Lately, I’ve loved the new Mocha Beans that’s opened up in Newcastle, so that’s where I’ll be heading for my coffee fix.

Flowers in the Garden

Every year there’s a moment, when I realize it’s time to buy some new blooms for the garden. That ritual is usually closely followed by the very first barbeque of the year. I’ve also planted a lilac bush in our garden a few years ago and every year I’m hoping to spot the first blooms! When the cherry blossoms and bluebells appear in nearby parks and woodlands, I really know, we’re over the hump!


I got this gorgeous picnic basket with a full kit in a charity shop last year, but it’s yet to have its maiden outing. It is my intention to pack it with a variety of delicious treats and head to Carraroe Beach for the day – which if you haven’t been yet, is a must-see. Its crystal water resemble a tropical destination and the grains of sands are actually coral fragments!

What are some things you’re looking forward to this Spring?

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