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When the guys at Health+ store in Galway suggested I try a supplement called Diamond RnR, I was fairly sceptical to begin with. I guess I always, quite wrongly, equate supplements with working out and body-building. But, I was assured that it’s all natural and made of stuff that occurs in your body already but usually in insufficient amounts!

I think the tagline ‘Many women get run-down with work or busy family lives which can lead to zinc and magnesium deficiencies.’ sold me also. That’s me – I’m busy!

I am a month into using it and RnR (Rest and Relaxation) now has a firm place on my bedside locker. If you’re looking for something to relax and replenish you and give you good night’s sleep, this is the one.


It’s developed by an Irish company, Platinum & Diamond Nutrition. Rest and Relaxation is one of the products from the Diamond range, which is formulated specially for women.

The main ingredients in RnR are Zinc, Magnesium and B6. They use the best zinc available, which means 90% of it absorbs into your system. All of this helps balance estrogen levels, which I know most women could probably benefit from. They can help nourish your body after intense training, but also after stress or an illness.


I am generally a very good sleeper, or at least I thought I was! But these tablets gently and naturally relax your muscles and give you proper deep sleep! One thing I noticed almost straight away is that as a result you have really vivid dreams. This actually truly helped me gather my thoughts, make sense of what I feel and make big decisions confidently!


You take 2 capsules every evening before going to bed. There’s a 120 capsules in the tub, a 2 months supply.

I often find it quite hard remembering to take any sort of tablets, but with these I sort of look forward to it because I know it will give me a good night’s sleep and make my mornings a lot easier!

If you like the sound of what you’ve just read, you can purchase RnR on the Platinum & Diamond website here.

Love, Joules

Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid to write this review and the views in this article are purely from my own personal experience. If you have any questions or hesitations contact your health care specialist.


  1. This is really interesting, I find it so hard to get to sleep at night, I never considered taking a supplement. Thanks for sharing this, I’m definitely going to look into it further !

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