There is so much noise in this world. Does anybody ever feel the same way? I mean noise in both literal and conceptual way.

The noise of people constantly trying to sell you stuff. All the content you sieve through online to get to the good stuff. Noise of things that need to get done at the back of your mind. The loudness of people on a night out. The crowd gathered to watch a match in the pub on Sunday.

Even now as I write this, the phone beeps from two seperate twitter accounts, one of my cats comes meowing looking for attention, there’s traffic outside and Kenny has television on downstairs. It’s just constant.


I think our brain is a wonderful tool that acts like a filter and only lets in the good stuff. But I feel like every now and then you need to stop and clear all the waste that has gathered up over time. I’ve made an interesting discovery recently – I found out that I need at least a day every week where I get time just to myself.

I think that I am both an introvert and an extrovert depending on the situation. But when it comes to processing thoughts, I feel like I do that best by myself, in a room. Every now and then I need to HEAR my thoughts. Feel a sense of self again.

If you like me, feel that life sometimes gets a little too loud, here’s a few things that I find necessary for staying sane and focused in today’s world.

1. Turn off the phone and computer

Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is delightful. Platforms like instagram and snapchat give me lots of joy. Being able to stay in touch with people I normally wouldn’t is a great perk. I think it’s the way we use technology that’s become a bit toxic. People expect you to have your phone on constantly nowadays. I’d like to think that it is still a choice whether or not I have it on me or not. Even as a blogger, I don’t feel apologetic if I don’t update my social media for a while.

In fact, every now and then I purposely leave my phone behind. I think back to a time where I was four years old and we only had a big red dial up phone without an answering machine. If someone rang you while you were out, that was it. They had to call you back later and it was no big deal.

Noise 21

2. Take a day to yourself 

Or at least an evening. An uninterrupted moment with yourself, where you’re guaranteed no one will knock on the door or start playing the radio really loudly. Having a room, or at least a corner in the house that’s just your own is also good for the soul.

3. Reconnect with nature

Plant your bare feet on the ground. Go somewhere where there is water. Lots of trees. Feel the elements, breathe in deeply. Walk somewhere without a destination in mind.


4. Meditate

It always takes me forever to get myself to lie down and meditate and when I finally do I always wonder why I don’t do it more often.

I find it’s best in the evening, before going to bed, but not too late, because if you’re too tired you’ll just fall asleep. Meditating doesn’t have to be complicated. Just lie down flat on your back, make sure your arms and legs are completely straight and relaxed. Breathe deeply in and slowly out. Then you can start saying positive affirmations and wishes. Out loud. You can start by saying ‘I am calm and happy and at peace’. Talk in the present tense and only in positives, focusing on areas of your life you’d like to improve.

For example, to address my skin issues, I like to say something like: ‘My skin is moist and nurtured, energy flows through me freely and light enters all cells of my body.’

5. Write

What you desire. What you feel. Put everything down on paper. The negative stuff I would rip up and throw in the fire. The good stuff you can keep on your person like a vision board.

6. Clear the space

Open the doors and let the air in first. Then light a candle in each room and an incense in the hallway. Burn sage in a clockwise motion around the room. My favourite incense is Nag Champa. I like to get my holistic items in Amber Galway. It’s an absolutely delightful shop with so many treasures, a trip there is therapeutic in itself.

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7. Read a self-help book

I love authors like Louise Hay, Vadim Zeland, John Randolph Price, Neale Donal Walsch and Doreen Virtue.

8. Forget guilt and worry

I think because we’re so busy we often don’t stop and examine our emotions. Guilt and worry are two emotions that creep up on us most frequently. Whether it’s through our own creation or by transference (I think we take on feelings of others more often than we realise).

What I find helpful in these situations is literally just stopping and saying to myself ‘I don’t need to stress about this issue because stress or guilt never solved any problems’. 

You are in charge of your own emotions. Feel free to say to yourself ‘This is not my truth.‘ and move on.


9. Take a shower

I believe a shower cleanses both physically and mentally. A lot of my best ideas were born in the shower!

10. Reduce your own noise

Practice mindfulness when speaking and only speak when you have something important to say. Don’t feel the need to fill silences in conversations. People won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.

11. When at your busiest, take a break

When work gets really busy, I often find myself in a whirlwind of stress and I think, I can’t possibly stop now, there’s too much to do!

The truth is, that’s exactly when you need to pause. Take a half hour nap. Do your nails.

At the end of the day, if you don’t have have your health and well-being, you don’t have anything else.


‘We have all a better guide within ourselves than any other person can be.’ Jane Austen

Please let me know if you’ve related to anything that I’ve said and if you have your own ways of dealing with noise in your life!

I am now switching off and going to practice what I preach.


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