New York – Gluten Free & Vegan Places to Eat

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know all about my food philosophy and passion!

I’m not a vegan but I do favour plant based products where possible. To keep my eczema at bay, I also follow a low allergen diet, with gluten and dairy being one of the things I try to avoid.

With those restrictions came a lot of creativity with my meals and a love for healthy food made tasty!

It gets a little tricky when travelling, but I like a challenge! Cafés and restaurants are becoming more and more accommodating to specific diets. While visiting New York recently I found so many exciting places to eat! In New York, gluten free and vegan treats are abundant! Here are some of my faves…

New York – Gluten Free & Vegan Places to Eat

My Top 5

By Chloe

This place completely blew my mind. I had heard so many great things and let me tell you, By Chloe lives up to they hype. They’re goal is to be a healthy, planet-friendly alternative to all the fast food stores out there. Their menu is entirely vegan and they have countless gluten free options. Kenny got a caesar salad with crispy shiitake mushroom ‘bacon’ and I went with a GF bean-quinoa-sweet potato burger. For dessert, I tried the kale choc chip GF ice cream – so imaginative and tasty! There are multiple stores in the city, we went to the one in Greenwich Village.


I’ve never seen so many tasty gluten free treats in one place! I got a lovely bread pudding with a side of a quality double espresso. Located on Madison Avenue, it’s a bit of a break from the hustle with a nice area upstairs to chill out in. Noglu also do pre-made sandwiches and salads and cakes to order.

Chloe’s Fruit

Chloe’s do the tastiest fruit serves in the form of ice pops, fruit serves, sundaes and smoothies. The best thing is, they’re made purely from fruit water and a bit of organic raw cane sugar. I had this banana sweet ‘n’ salty crunch sundae and it was so delicious!

Springbone Kitchen

As the name suggests, Springbone is a place to find lovely wholesome food, especially broths. They focus on nutritious food that respects your body and the animals and farmers. Their menu is made up almost entirely of organic vegetables, fruits and 100% free-range/grass-fed meats. You’ll also find imaginative vegan and gluten free offerings here.

The End

The End is a small cute coffee shop and clothes store in Brooklyn where they serve many colourful healthy lattes! I had the amazing amethyst latte that looks like a geode and tastes like a fairy elixir. As well as using different superfood powders, the lattes are also infused with the healing properties of crystals. Magic.


Well they’re you have it, they’re my top 5 places from my week in New York! There were a lot more I wanted to try, but when you’re out exploring a city so big, you do often end up eating where it’s convenient. A falafel bowl saved me once or twice!

On My List

Here are some places I didn’t get a chance to sample, but I’ve either researched extensively, or they’ve come highly recommended.

Bluestone Lane

Aussie inspired kitchen with insta-worthy gluten free and vegan brunch! I did pop my head in a branch of their coffee shop but the cafés look a lot more cozy.

The Little Beet

Various locations of this cute little eatery are dotted around the city. What I love about it is that on the website, you can view a selective menu depending on whether you want dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, soy free, nut free or gluten free. Genius.


Italian dining for the gluten free folk. So much of the renowned NYC cuisine is Italian, so it’d be a shame to miss out just because of pesky gluten! Dairy free options too, winning!

Beyond Sushi

A plant-based, locally-sourced sushi place, sounds unreal! Looking at their menu, I feel like this place could be cool even for that person who doesn’t generally enjoy sushi.

Modern Love

Brooklyn was definitely one of my favourite places that I’ve visited. I can’t believe I missed Modern Love and all its hip vegan deliciousness. They call it vegan comfort food. Next time Brooklyn, next time!

(Many thanks to Bliss Bite Cakes for the last 2 recommendations! Make sure you check her out if you’re in Ireland, her vegan cakes are to die for.)

My imagination is definitely invigorated after that trip and my standards for eating out raised! I’d say you could forever keep exploring here. Enjoy NYC dining and don’t forget to tip!



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