Market Days – My Favourite Weekend Pastimes

The older and busier we get, free weekends become more of a luxury. I think it’s very important for our mental health, to carve some time out to do the things that we love, especially when life gets hectic. Hence why today, rather than tidying up the house, I decided to do enjoy some of my favourite weekend pastimes.

1. The Galway Market

Nothing re-balances me more than a trip to Galway Market. I love the atmosphere that is busy, yet soothing. With heaps of local produce and lovely characters behind the stalls, it always gives me the same homely feeling. I usually get sushi, a falafel bowl or a vegan curry and sit down over by St Nicholas’ Church with a a friend. It’s the best place for a catch-up!

2. Cosy Reads

At the moment I have two main books on the go – Human Universe by Brian Cox and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. They both shape my view on the world in different ways, one in a spiritual way, one in a more scientific way. I’ve read The Secret before, but I always come back to it to reaffirm some universal truths to myself. Its basic premise is that thoughts are things and what we think, feel and imagine shapes our reality. Which might sound a bit vague or hokey-pokey but the way it’s explained really hits home and each time I act on it, really cool stuff happens in my life.

Human Universe on the other hand, ponders about the creation of the Universe, its laws, its purpose and where we fit into all of it. It uses layman’s terms to explain complex physics. All the various factors that come into play to create intelligent life form make humans so wonderfully unique and yet so insignificant in the infinity of the Universe. Reading it definitely makes me appreciate every moment I have on this Earth even more.

3. Game of Thrones and then some

I am always obsessing over some show, but nothing has had quite the effect on me as Game of Thrones. I know it’s very easy to be cynical about something so popular, but if you haven’t seen the show, know it’s so widely successful for a reason. It’s revolutionized storytelling, in that nobody is purely good or purely evil, anyone and everyone can die at any point or completely change trajectory. There’s politics, difficult family dynamics, sex, religion, magic and the complicated idea of who and what can make the world a better place. Yes, there is violence too, sometimes too much, but then, it wouldn’t be an accurate reflection of the world if there wasn’t.

There are so many characters and complex histories, but soon enough you’ll surprise yourself by naming off all the noble houses’ rulers and their ancestors! The story is laced with hints and foreshadowings, that you could forever theorize about what’s about to happen and spot a new clue each time you watch it. The huge fan-base means there are so many quality YouTube videos of analyses and predictions to immerse yourself into. It’s a cinematic treat and complete game-changer in how TV shows are made! Also, there’s dragons.

4. Calligraphy

I’ve always loved script writing and I find good penmanship very sexy. Over the last few years, the art of calligraphy has become popular again which allowed for a lot more modern take on the traditional form. I recently did a workshop with Enjoy Calligraphy and it was enormous fun. I got to keep the pen, ink and pretty papers and was told to practice whenever I can. The art of a good stroke is making it second nature by doing it frequently. I’ve yet to master it completely but I have sent out a few squiggled letters anyway!

5. Bake up a Storm

Well, maybe not a storm, more like a bit of a gust of wind in the kitchen? I definitely love baking more than I love cooking, but ultimately, I just love coming up with stuff that’s healthy, tasty and pretty to look at! I experiment with gluten free flour, edible flowers and dairy free creations. I love a good matcha cake, pink pancakes and next I want to tackle some gluten & nut free macarons!

Outfit Details

Floral Romper: Tobi (Shop Here) | Shoes, Jacket, Bag & Choker: Penneys (Primark) | Picnic Basket: Tiger

Many thanks to the lovely Érin for assisting me in shooting this look.

What are some of your favourite weekend past times? Loan me some inspiration in the comments below.





Disclaimer: The links to the books are Amazon Affiliate Links and the floral romper is one of the three items Tobi have let me select to style on my blog. Thanks for reading! 

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