The Many Ways I Use Rice Milk

When I say I use rice milk every day it’s not an exaggeration.

Dairy milk doesn’t really agree with me or my eczema and it’s taken me a while to find the perfect substitute.

I think it might have been about two years ago that I fell in love with rice milk. The reason was that it’s a lot more hypoallergenic than any other dairy alternative, such as almond milk. It has a subtly sweet and very neutral flavour that I’ve become so used to! Drinking it leaves me feeling light – zero phlegm or bloating!

Rice milk is also gluten free, vegan and naturally low in fat. Ever since I’ve switched to it, not only has it contributed to my eczema clearing, but I also rarely get spots on my face now!

Dairy Free Dream Ireland just sent me a few complimentary boxes of their milk – because I always go on about their milk on my instagram! Hence, I decided to put together a little blog post about just the many ways I use rice milk and on occasion, oat milk.

1. In My Porridge

My go to easy breakfast is gluten free oats, maca powder a little bit of honey and cold rice milk. It gives me so much energy in the morning and I’m hooked on the malty taste.

2. In My Coffee

I always look forward to this so much in the morning! My favourite right now is hazelnut flavour instant coffee, just a little bit of hot water and the rest is foamed rice milk. Because rice milk has a lot less fat than regular milk, my trick to get it to foam is to bring it to the boil until bubbles start appearing. I then whisk the milk with the small battery operated milk foamer.

3. In Smoothie Bowls

When I’m not having porridge for breakfast, I’m having a smoothie bowl. You can check out some of my favourite recipes here. Trust me, you need them in your life.

4. In Cooking & Baking

Rice milk is obviously different in consistency to regular milk but I’ve learned to adapt the recipes fairly easily! Check out these unreal Red Velvet Vegan Gluten Free Cupcakes.

5. In Snacks

For example, I really love this simple matcha mug cake. I also love making rice pudding every now and then.

6. In Novelty Lattes

They’re fun, they’re tasty and they have various different health benefits. Matcha latte, turmeric latte or this wonderful beetroot latte. I find that oat milk works just as well, if not better with these, lends them a more wholesome flavour.

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your diet, I highly recommend switching to rice milk. Obviously, there’s no universal perfect diet for everyone, every body is different, so as always, consult a health expert first. For me, both my GP and any nutritionist I’ve talked to, suggested leaving out milk to help with my skin issues. It worked for me and it’s better for the planet too, so it’s goodness all around!

Thankfully it’s so much easier to source these products now! Living in Ireland, you can find Dairy Free Dream in SuperValu, Dunnes, Tesco, your local health shop and many more. It’s a lot easier to find them in coffee shops now too, in Galway I go to Espresso 44 or Temple Cafe.

Will you be trying out my rice milk suggestions? Fellow #dairyfree foodies, lend me your own inspirations below too!



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