How to Create a Cozy Home Cinema

If you have the luxury of a spare room, or even just a spare wall, you can easily set up your own home cinema, for just a little over €100!

Kenny and I did this recently on a Saturday night and we watched The Artist on a DVD. I cleared the room which we normally use as studio/office/equipment storage and got all cozy!

I set up some blankets, cushions, candles, fairy lights and flowers and prepared some snacks. We have a projection screen, but it needs to be assembled on a stand, so I didn’t use it – a white wall will do just fine!

A good home cinema wouldn’t be right without popcorn, of course! I also brought up some gluten free biscuits, lemonade and rice cakes. If you’re feeling fancy you can go with some bubbly or wine. Think pretty bowls, a tray and some nice straws!

Lanterns, Candle, Marble Bowl & Tray: Dunnes Stores | Straws: Tiger

We happen to own an Epson EB SO2H projector which we used for some Little Cinema special screenings. It connects easily to a laptop or a dvd player and screens at a decent enough quality. For sound, we then connected our Bush bluetooth speaker.

This is such a perfect and simple idea for a date night, an evening by yourself or with friends… Or with your cat, as was our case! Watson, our adopted cat, was mesmerized by the whole set up and stayed with us for the whole evening.

I also set up our record vintage style record player and some records to listen to after our movie. A proper retro experience!

Create Your Own Cozy Cinema

The projector and some sort of audio system are really the only two things you need for this cozy cinema session! When I was doing a bit of searching online, I found this amazing little ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector* which is only £64 and has so many good reviews! It connects to your laptop, DVD player, PS3 or Xbox but also takes USB or connects to your phone through a USB cable!  It has a built in speaker, but also hooks up to headphones or outer speakers.

You can then get this XLeader Bluetooth Speaker** (which is so handy for use on the go afterwards) for £35 and you’re good to go. Your very own home cinema for £100 pounds, which is just a little over €100! The postage is free on both items at the moment.

All the other bits are up to you really – you might already have a lot of them at home, but here’s a little inspiration from Amazon!**


Record Player

Bluetooth Speaker








Blanket & Cushion








Vintage Style Throw











*[] Price: POUND 63.99 (as of 12/04/2017 18:55 [UTC+00:00])

**[] Price: POUND 34.99 (as of 12/04/2017 18:55 [UTC+00:00])

***I just signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program and if you buy through these links, I might make a tiny profit, which would be so cool!

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