Galway Snow Ireland 2018

Well, that was a magical few days. Galway and the rest of Ireland got hit with a snow storm and, for the most part, it’s like the whole country was treated to a guilt-free holiday.

Because Ireland isn’t used to this kind of weather, the schools were shut, shops were closed and people were told to stay off the roads where possible. On Friday, the whole country was under red weather alert.

Armed with my ski gear from our mountain trip, in 5 layers like a penguin, I tried to make the most out of each day, as I knew it’s a rare historical occurrence! Having grown up in a country with four seasons, I really miss the snow, so this really brought out my inner child and made me less homesick.

The best day was definitely Friday. Almost every household, including ours, built a snowman and families were out, sledging and snowball fighting. It was truly like something out of a movie.

I took as many photos as possible to immortalize the memory and Kenny filmed a video (scroll to the end to see).

Some people on facebook have been asking if they can purchase some prints, so I made some available here.

Happy week ahead everyone, hope you’re feeling energized.

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