DIY Christmas Decorations

If you have any leftover wrapping paper from this festive season, here’s a simple creative idea on how to use it up!

Cute little DIY Christmas decorations to hang on your tree!christmas-boxes-01

I did something similar with my mom as a child and they are to this date my favourite Christmas decoration because they were so personal!


You’ll need: wrapping paper, match boxes, super glue, scissors, string 

  1. I’ve had lots of match boxes left over from all the fires we’ve burned in winter! Depending on the size of the box you’re using, you might want to glue two boxes together, like I did here, to create the illusion of a gift box proportion. christmas-boxes-04

2. Judge how big of a paper cut out you’ll need to wrap a box comfortably and, based on that size, cut out equal paper strips for each box, I was making 8 here.


3. Wrap the same way you would a gift box! Try to use the pattern in a way that the central motif is on the top. I used superglue to seal the fold, so that it lasts longer. christmas-boxes-06


4. Repeat 🙂 christmas-boxes-08

5. Finally, wrap around with a chord of your choice, I went with gold in the end. Tie a not on the top of your package and tie another not to join the two strings and hang the box!

I’m a real Christmas fanatic and love stocking up at the end of Christmas season to have new bits to take out of storage next year. If you’re not like me, you can always save this idea for next year!


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