My Daily Uniform & Favourite Things to do in Galway on Weekdays

One of the joys of living in a small town like Galway, is that you can always pop in and out to city centre. I work from home and I often have to make a conscious effort to get up from behind my computer and clear my head! Here are some of my favourite things to do in Galway when I’ve a couple hours to spare…

1. Grab an Iced Coffee

I’ll admit, ever since my visit to NYC I’ve been hooked on iced coffees. It doesn’t really match the local weather, but meh, who cares! Even though Galway has recently added a few major chain coffee shops to its name, I still prefer to sip local! Here are a few my faves where you’re guaranteed a top notch iced coffee.

  • Espresso 44

This is a tiny take-away spot located in the middle of Shop Street. The coffee there is top notch, the girls are lovely and their branding is on point. One of the few places that offers rice milk and other dairy alternatives!

  • Temple Café

This place is a little vegan haven and a non for profit. I have so much love for it! If coffee isn’t your thing they also have delicious juices, smoothies, matcha, the works!

  • Mocha Beans, Arabica & Lavazza

I’ve grouped these three together as they are all franchises but still nice and locally owned! They usually only do soya milk as a dairy substitute, but the coffee beans are damn good and roasted fresh. Fun fact, I’ve worked at both Arabica and Mocha Beans in my early years in Galway!

The Éire necklace by Templewolf

2. Stroll and Sit by a River Bank

River Corrib that flows through Galway offers an incredibly scenic walk through the city. You could do a nice loop of the city just following its flow. I usually like to take my coffee and sit down either somewhere by the Long Walk, O’Brien’s Bridge or close to Salmon Weir Bridge overlooking the Cathedral. In these photos you can also see me strolling through Sea Road which is one of my favorite spots, in Galway’s West End.

3. Nip to a Charity Shop

Galway has a number of charity shops where you can always find something cool and support a good cause. I usually call to St. Vincent de Paul (Curiosity Shop)OxfamGalway Simon & NCBI. My favourite day to do a bit of thrift shopping is Friday.

4. Grab Dinner

In a city you call home it’s often easy to avoid Tripadvisor and go to the same old trusted spots! I told myself I’ll be a little more adventurous and try a new place each time I eat out. My current favourites for an evening bite are Neo (Asian cuisine and gorgeous views of The Docks), Quay Street Kitchen (for a little bit of everything) and Biteclub (for fun street food and cool decor).

5. Catch a Gig

Galway has something on every night and it’s either free or very reasonable. There’s live music, Comedy Clubh, Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club, The Theatre Room or the Little Cinema. I also keep meaning to go to Celtic Tales storytelling which sounds like a lot of fun.

Outfit (My Daily Uniform)

I’ve been pretty much living in high-waisted mom style jeans paired with a multi-functional but statement top. I’ve recently discovered a US brand called Tobi, which is where this gorgeous black blouse is from. Tobi kindly sent me three items to style here on my blog and I was so shocked when they arrived all the way from America in 3 days! I love their brand too – they sell fast fashion but they do it in a transparent, accountable way. They design and produce garments working closely with the manufacturer and then sell their products for a price that’s reasonable. I feel like this is the way forward in fashion!

Blouse: Tobi | Jeans: New Look | Shoes & Belt: Penneys (Primark) | Jewellery: The Temple Wolf

Shop the look: Blouse | Jeans | Necklace | Ring

Thanks to lovely Érin for assisting me with these photos.

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